Soggy Bottoms…

Was has another hunt got to do with Soggy Bottoms ?

Well Soggy Bottom is actually a name of a field, strange really as the top half of the field used to be called Bottoms whilst the name of the field below was apparently named after the old cart road, which had the name Soggy Trot, now even today the field that used to be called Soggy Trot, has a depression similar to a dew pond covering almost the entire edge of the field near the lane, this depression even in the summer remains damp… As it was all those years ago, even today the remains of this old cart road lead’s onto Soggy Bottom field halfway down, before cutting across what was once two fields to enter the stack yard,  it wasn’t long before some wag of a farmhand changed the name of the two field’s to one name of Soggy Bottom, that was over two hundred years ago, and still portrays a very wet lane leading onto a field which was the last field owned by the farm, hence the name Bottom Field…

I quote a comment from  – BGCT2VA – It looks like you found a few caster wheels. Anything of special interest?”  well amongst the castor wheel, there was an 19th century axe head, a lead palm guard, buttons, a plastic ? jockey, horse harness buckles and a horse brass in the shape of a horse, but the early medieval belt attachment shown in the other photograph was the best of the bunch…

Freds End Note

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