Bling Bling, has the worlds biggest gold coin dubbed the “Big Maple Leaf” which was stolen in 2017, been melted down into Rappers Gold ?

On Wednesday December 14th 2020, Berlin police raided homes and jewelry shops, who they suspected have connections with the missing 100-kilogram Canadian gold coin which was stolen a museum in the German capital, the coin, worth an estimated value of £ 3.2 million was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum in 2017, the arrests are connected with the large coin being melted down and made into forged gold collectors coins, which are then sold through the jewelry shops… These arrests were the result of the sentencing of two cousins Ahmed Remmo and Wissam Remmo, along with a friend who worked as a security guard at the museum, all three have been convicted of the Canadian gold coin heist and sentenced to several years in prison.

Image result for Stolen coin Large gold in Germany

Just to make you realise how big this coin was, look at how many hands are holding the coin…

Image result for stolen coin large gold in germany
The searches came just two days after the arrest of a key suspect in the spectacular theft of 18th-century jewels from a Dresden museum last year - the family linked to the Canadian coin theft

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