No 1-Again

So again the Pogues have come out on top with their Fairytale of New York….

You just cannot beat a good song, this was first released in 1987, with the song remaining the UK’s favourite Christmas song for over 30 years, a shy girl suffering with stage fright is at the heart of the ballad, Kirsty MacColl, who was a talented British singer and songwriter who duet’s with Shane McGowan of The Pogues on this festive hit, which carries the immortalised & iconic line: “Merry Christmas your arse, I pray God it’s our last”

Marred by Tragedy…

General Gallery - Kirsty MacColl

The sad fact of it all Kirsty MacColl did not live long enough to enjoy half of her achievements, following her despicable murder [- because that is what it was -] of Kirsty MacColl in the year 2000, Kirsty was tragically killed during a holiday in Mexico with her two teenage sons, Jamie and Louis, and her new partner James Knight, at 41 years old she had working on her career for over a year, and this holiday was meant to be a fun and happy time with her two boys… The family had been enjoying a holiday on Conzumal Island in Mexico it was whilst she was taken part in a scuba diving trip with a qualified instructor., the area they were diving in was deemed safe to dive in with boats being banned from entering the waters, Kirsty was surfacing from the dive with her sons when she noticed a large powerboat heading towards them, pushing one of the sons out of the way and grabbing the other son to protect him she was struck by the boat’s propeller, nearly slicing her in half & tragically died instantly from the impact… Because the boat was owned by Guillermo Conzalez Nova who was a supermarket millionaire he got away with murder….

On a happier note, the NYPD Choir did not know the words to Galloway Bay, and were actually singing the Micky Mouse song, hence why everyone of them was smilling…

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