England’s First Black Queen…

You just cannot make this type of stuff up, poor old Harrys missies thought she could be the first half-black queen of England, without banking on her English history being wrong, she pulled such a paddy that her and Harry pissed off to America, proving how much of a spoilt woke brat she is, after all…

Way back in the 1500’s old Henry the Eighth had a bloody black queen – who knew that then – hey – me neither, should i sue my history teacher-mmm i wonder… What an absolute shambles these twats create when they lie about the history… And now poor old George the Third, his missies is getting in on the act, by turning black… These are such sad times that any old black actress can get a job, that is irrelevant of historical fact, and worse still accept the role… Where is the common sense in that…

Now is it me or does this not work ? LOOK AT THE HISTORICAL FACTS Ann Boleyn was white, you cannot change history, no matter how much of a woke twat you are – idiots – what a load of cobblers, this is a national disgrace…

Now does Ann Anne Boleyn look black to you ? PS i will give the idiots & the woke’s a clue the real Anne Boleyn is the white Queen on the right….History Dictates that is TRUE…
Jodie Turner-Smith Tears Up Over 'Queen and Slim'
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