Who Knew…

Well who knew indeed, i have metal detected this area for 25 years and went over this field several times, with little or no artefacts… Then bang, look what they have discovered and is due to be buried under houses, but at 1.4 mt i think i can be excused…

'More than 100 brooches, 10 Iron Age coins, dozens of Roman coins, hairpins, beads, finger rings and a lovely copper alloy cockerel figurine were discovered,' Mr Greef told the BBC. Pictured, one of the iron age coins from the site
Just a taster…

This is the controversial hoard found by husband and wife team of detectorists who got the money and ran away with it, not sharing it as they should with the farmer and land owners, who are the church of Scotland, who were all set to sue; [- i dont know what the outcome has been either, whether it was resolved or not -]

Secrets of Viking-age hoard to be unwrapped in £1m...

I don’t think ,any Detectorists would find this next snippet, but it is still interesting none the less… this is how we learn about our past history and the animals that once roamed these lands, i wonder what the fur feels like, soft or coarse, being a puppy i bet it s smooth and soft…

Ancient wolf pup mummy unearthed in Canadian permafrost

Also have you been watching this, it is a bit early to say but i don’t think we are in for a revisit, but lets see

Jupiter and Saturn to appear closer than in 800 years tonight

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