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Well there goes another chip of freedom, this time its flying away from us, and applies to anyone that are responsible users of drones, with cameras attached… For many the joy of flying camera drones, taking pictures of the countryside, rivers etc… as a hobby has now become another registered hobby, with your details stored in some government file… they reckon its all to do with privacy, for all the perverts who use them to spy on the neighbors wife and children, i suppose these sort of people wont just stop using them, but they will carry on unlicensed, and throw away the controller, if someone challengers them… i suppose its like riding your bike on a pavement, if the police have nothing better to do or see you as a soft target, then you get fined… As from December 31st 2020 every camera drone in the country will have to register their devices for the first time under new regulations, or face a £1,000 fine… Ok it is only £ 9.00p a year for a license but you also have to take an online test as an operator, so what happens if your no good with written tests ? …

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Article 265F – penalties

as lifted from the CAA Site….

Key point: This article sets out the penalty levels (fines) for any offences committed under articles 265A-265E.
The general approach for setting the level of fines that has been taken is:
▪ For ‘minor administrative’ offences – Level 2 (up to £500)
▪ For other ‘administrative offences’ – Level 3 (up to £1000)
▪ For ‘operational/in flight’ offences – Level 4 (up to £2500)

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Additionally, for offences relating to flights conducted entirely outside of the framework of the UAS IR (see the references to paragraph 1 of articles 265A and 265B above) – an unlimited
fine in England and Wales, and a fine up to the statutory maximum in Scotland and Northern
Ireland will apply…

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