Sutton Hoo…

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Edith Pretty
Kingdom of East Anglia
Basil Brown
Sutton Hoo

in about 1997, we were due to go on a metal detecting dig at a place called Sutton, which is near Woodbridge, in Suffolk… the dig was meant to take place, a spades throw away from the site of the Sutton Hoo burial ship, but at the 11th hour the plug was pulled, because the archaeologists said the area was historically significant and got a court ruling that banned us and any future digs ? how fair is that ? at the time it was a bit unfair, as there was no immediate threat and an archaeologist was to be on site all day, with a chosen [- well hand picked really -] amount of detectorists, and not just “robin hood and his band of merry men” so it was not just “dig it and pocket it” this was going to be as much of a survey as a dig…

But now netflix is making a film about the discovery of the “kings ship” – well if going on netflixs past record, if anything should be banned its that film, that will do more damage than any detectorist would do…

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