That was an expensive mistake, after driving through the deepest part, it proved to much for the vehicle…

i have been seeing these white birds for a few years now, the first one was spotted when i just finished metal detecting, and i was driving home through the flood waters of the back “country” roads, it was after i was unable to continue, due to a car stuck in the flood waters, that i spotted my first Egret, this was about 2013, the bird was sitting in the tree immediately in front of the car, but it must have flown away, whilst i scrambled for my camera, as when i looked at the photo that i took, it was no longer visible… whilst in the photo below, the distinct white of the bird can be seen in the tree’s, the river Blackwater flows just behind the barbed wire fence, flowing to the right of the picture and under the bridge…

An Egret sitting in the highest part of a tree watching and waiting for its dinner to arrive…

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