So we are Back…

Hewlard Packard, im not fussed if the spellings wrong, anyway i think i got up to where the mouse was frozen on the screen with the mouse pad defunct, and the only thing to move it was a physical mouse, being quite peed off by this time, as i could not get onto their online support site, the saga commenced with a successful registration, then it went downhill from there… So although my registration was accepted with a congratulations on buying a HP Laptop, use your laptop code shown here, as your password to gain entry in the future, should you need to gain access for a speedy trouble shooting process, updates etc… i wont bore you with to much of the drivel i was peddled with, lets just say it would not recognise my laptop code from day one, every site, every support site, company website & just about anything to do with the HP as a company, had a mass array of clickable links for problem solving, only problem with their problem solving this led you to one site every-time, press this for laptop problems, press this for updates etc-etc… each one led you back to the same page “errr” …

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