Well that’s over…

Well that’s over with for another year… got some more treasure hunting bits for chrissy presents… another subscription to the searcher magazine from daughter #2, amongst other bits and pieces…

August issue out now
National Geographic Professional Rock Tumbler Kit- Rock Polisher for Kids and Adults, Complete Rock Tumbler Kit with Durab...

My wife got me a new toy to play with, although it has captured #1 Granddaughter’s imagination, & subsequently Pru has hijacked it, we have no idea where a six year old got the imagination that this was not only going to make pretty stones and jewellery, but she knew instantly what it was for & its capability to be able to create different things amongst other bits she might want, i have been told by Pru that i might be able to have it back as she has ordered one from mummy, so if i manage to use it personally, i will be using it as a tumbler for rocks, detecting finds and anything else that i can think off to put inside, so me and Pru have started to use grit one, this takes the edges off the stones and rounds them off, five days later the first cycle had finished, when we washed of the grit, with the colours starting to show through, [- although it maybe needed a few more days -] a little girls patience dictated stage two needed to be started, so hey who am i to argue, also my wife bought a pack of refill’s, which is lucky as i might get to have a go myself… Further progress can be found at a later date…

Whilst child #3 gave me cash, as i am saving every penny for a new project, and this has gone a huge way to the cost…

Daughter #1 got me a nimbus display unit, these comes in a pack of three with coin tickets and holders, these will hold my small collection of Roman coins, from one field, also cash for my latest project, again a huge help to cover the hidden costs… !

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