yes its back…

So we got up to the place where Huge-lard Packard, could not organise their website to try and help with a years warranty, with an online support site that was nothing short of a shambles, within the first six months my frayed patience was being tested even further, when it “the laptop” decided that if i wanted to try and use it, then that decision was no longer mine, but the laptops decision only, so if at times you went through the painful wait of five minutes or more for the laptop to not even open, but just kept whirring, with a circle on the screen, i must admit it took me ages to figure out the laptop hated me, and did not want to work, proof of this was a slow and painful dawning for me, & my realisation that i should just throw the dam thing in a barrel of water & drown the fecking thing, one day i left to go detecting in the morning at 8.30, by this time my brain was frazzled & not in the best of moods to go and play, i must admit looking at the writing from that day i should have not gone at all, as it took me nearly half an hour to even find something recognisable in the shape of a lead disc, by the look of it by 10.30 i had a coffee with an egg cress & garlic sandwich, which was still warm from being wrapped in tinfoil, this was followed by a slice of fruitcake & another coffee before setting off for another go at the field, somewhere within the following hour my brain became normal, & not feeling compressed, that blo***y laptop was driving me nuts, anyway after a day out in the fresh air and away from that infernal machine by the time i packed my things away and marking the area where i stopped with a stick, driving home i never even thought of “it” until i arrived home at six o’clock i glanced at the laptop, and yes i was not disappointed, it was still how i left it in the morning at 8.30, not even shut down but still whirring away with a blue screen and a little dotted circle going round in circles, it had not even shut down, so i unplugged it from the mains and left it to its own devices, hoping it would commit ” 切腹 ” or given its Anglo English word of ” hara-kiri ” – but again when i came down in the morning and plugged it back in, after the battery had been run down over night, i discovered to my dismay it could not have done the decent thing and die, no, instead it took about the time for me to make a cup of tea, that “it” decided to turn on as though there was nothing wrong… grrrr…

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