IMG_8578 (2)A  bit soggy out there today, but still better to be out than in, well lady’s & gents new land today, i had been told it had been done to death, over the years, well looks like farmer Tom was right, over five fields and it was pretty quite, but it was a hunt, so no complaints… [- before moving on, this is very strange, but i found a wide awake toad, normally they are still tucked up in bed, i don’t think he will survive long with the frost, shame really… -]

Being out was better than contemplating “it”, which we had got up to late 2019 with this saga and still nothing, now it looked like the warranty might run out as i started to get “no return address” emails telling me that i should extend my warranty just in case i should encounter a problem in 2020 ?… No-SS… IMG_8492You just, could not make this up, i had now lost a full years subscription to microsoft office, warranty was running out faster than water in a colander, and to top it all off the microsoft office suite took out their money for another year, without me realising it as i forgot to cancel the subscription…ahhhhhhhh… so i chucked “it” into the office and left it there until early march, whilst regaling a colleague with “it’s” frustrating saga, i was encouraged to resume my never ending story, & to bite the bullet & to pay the extension on the warranty and keep trying, i was still contemplating this when “it” quietly passed away one night in late march 2020, after i had left it still plugged in, without any change, the blue screen had this infuriating whirring white dots going round and round… but it was now dead “yes” …

it was strange not having “it” sitting there doing nothing twenty four hours a day, but by now i had come up with a cunning plan, it was mid April and i started to gather websites for HP with their respective email address’s, sometimes maybe five or six per website, after just under five months i had seemed to have exhausted my search with some gems in there as well, like director of communications for HP in America… now for a carefully worded email…  

Fred’s End Note…

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