Mud Magnets…

Up-2-Date…So Far !

Sorry Magnet Fisher USA, but this is the wrong sort of magnets… Out over the last few days with the wind blowing a “hoolie” and the rain & snow keeping things very sticky underfoot, making even the coil getting so sticky that it would not swing without crashing into clods of soil, and my boots was picking up the sticky molasses which the Essex clay seemed to have turned into, making me grow taller as my boots, became “mud magnets…

“Oh the Joys of Detecting” in all sorts of weather; starting of with the old oak at my back, i was out for only four & half hours, but i felt like i had done a marathon , i was so tired, i did complain to the better half, that it might have something to do with my age, whoops that went down like a lead balloon, state of mind i was told, nothing to do with age, i think i had better shut up on that subject & clean the detector, otherwise my detecting days might be curtailed…

last mention for the moment [- i promise -] well any updates will be posted; i sent this simple, yet non expletive email to HP support and dozens of other email address’s i had harvested, this was not once but everyday sometimes two or three times a day from the 25 – 10 – 20 until i got a reply, now bear in mind i only got one reply from all of the emails sent, and that was from a sector called EMEA…

EMEA phoned me up whilst i was Detecting, & guess what, my bl***y phone ran out of go-go juice and i missed the call… you just could not make this up, anyway i received an email telling me this, and so i sent an email back — here is just some of the emails, please note they are suitable for under 18’s… PS – Note the support website link, it sends you to their useless website… and now note it has gone from emea to customer support, i think emea is the American link ?

muddy handsMon 21/12/2020 21:40To:

  •  HP Service Support EMEA

to product support…
today 21-12-20, we were working in an area with poor reception, my phone number is 07548203***… this phone will be on me tomorrow 22-12-20 all day…
product hp laptop-17
serial number – 5cg836***** 
product code – 3zu1*****

best reg88888 A.Bri*****ReplyForwardHHP Service Support EMEA <>Mon 21/12/2020 11:51To:

  •  A Brin****

Dear A Br*****, Thank you for contacting HP Technical Support. We have tried to contact you today, but have so far been unsuccessful. Could you please reply to this email with the serial number and product number of the unit and also a contact number to reach you? We tried : 07548 20 3**** but the call didn’t connect. We shall attempt to contact you a further time, however if you require immediate assistance please feel free to contact us, quoting your Case Number, or go to for online support. Our helpline is open:

Monday to Friday8:00 – 18:00UK – 0207 660 0596

Eire – 01 533 9808HP Support Assistant has gone mobile! Maintain your HP devices with automated support, updates and fixes from your phone.Learn more: would once again like to thank you for your cooperation and patience throughout this process, and if there is anything else you would like me to cover for you, then you can reply to this e-mail.Please ensure you click reply only and that the original e-mail is unaltered as this will ensure your query will be responded to efficiently. Alternatively, you can call us back on the above number.Kind Regards,HP Customer Support

i reckon i sent well over 800 hundred emails, to finally get back a repaired laptop, which should have been sorted out just over two years prior… frustration does not even begin to explain how a faceless corporation treats customers… one final thing, i had to convince the guy that i was speaking to that the laptop was not even working, and the screen was blank, as he kept suggesting that i go onto their website and seek help and advice from the community on their, i remained calm, but i did say “are you listening to me, or do you lack the knowledge to help” then in a lightbulb moment, he said “i suppose we can get it collected and repaired” really, almost as a sign of surrender he resigned himself to the fact it did need repairing…

Fred’s End Note

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