When you watch this video of a replica Crown; the original one would have been worn by Henry the Eighth; you then have to see what can be found with a metal detector… This is just how an honest detectorist can literally save history, it all started with the beheading of Charles 1st, his coronation crown was ordered to be melted down by Oliver Cromwell, now they believe this part of the crown survived by becoming detached after Charles 1st fled the Battle of Naseby in 1645…

Kevin Duckett, 49, made the startling discovery while walking through a field near Market Harborough in Northamptonshire

the Naked man carved into the chalk hillside in East Sussex, seems to be able to do what so many twonks don’t bother doing… Mind you he looks like an Alien looking though the visor !

Covid PPE mask painted on the Long Man of Wilmington archaeological site by vandals

Meanwhile if we cross the big pond, Treasure Hunters in the U.S.A. are accusing the F.B.I. of cheating them out of $400 million of gold bars, that was lost or stolen in 1863…

According to a 155-year-old legend, a Union Army wagon train was carrying two tons of gold on a 400-mile journey between Wheeling, West Virginia, and Gettysburg. The gold was sent by President Abraham Lincoln to pay Union soldiers (pictured, at the Battle of Gettysburg) but first had to stop at the US Mint in Philadelphia

Well we cant leave Russia out, this is an interesting story, and each new theory leaves out a least one of the original facts, which discredits another new idea ?

60-year-old 'mystery of Dyatlov Pass' was the result of an avalanche, study finds

Since the HS2 Link is destroying so much of England’s history , wildlife and fauna & flora, not even this discovery could warrant the destruction, of so much beauty…

Archaeologists clearing land for the high speed HS2 train line have unearthed the remnants of stunning gardens belonging to a 16th century manor house

i have always questioned the use of bronze age money…

Their findings suggest that people used bronze objects such as rings, ribs (pictured) and even axe blades as an early form of cash 5,000 years ago

this is just incredible, as our rich heritage is destroyed, another treasure appears…

Over the course of 12 months, the team identified 154 Anglo-Saxon graves (as pictured), together containing nearly 3,000 treasured objects the buried took to their resting place

Fred’s End Note…

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