By doing research into the sites you search with a metal detector, i can guarantee that your finds will be quadrupled, with just a quick look into research, rather than if you took a chance that something might be there, doing research today is so easy, with the wonders of modern technology we can upload history, facts, maps, even previous finds found by someone else, whether they have searched the area with or without a metal detector, as a lot of finds in the past were picked up by farmworkers, and then recorded… Just think you would not go dump digging, or magnet fishing without first looking into the possibility’s that it was a good spot to try your hand at finding something….

The map reference i repeatedly have used over years is free and very informative…. with good results every-time… below is just one good example, where on a modern map nothing shows up at all, but put it alongside an older ordinance survey map of 1885 – 1905, it shows a farm called Villiams, as circled in blue…


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. What I suggest is that people keep a handwritten and hand drawn map (very detailed) including how many steps it took to get you there to what you have found. Then go back to the area and do it all again. What you will find is what I call a “Trail” or in my terms, “Trailing”. I plan on going over this on my channel at

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