The World of Wacky Treasure Hunters…

Treasure can be found anywhere, from a home of a deceased person, to the industrial foreshores of an island nation, this short post shows the sane “Treasure Hunters” & includes an introduction into the insane “”World of Wacky Treasure Hunters” so lets see who has an idea that Treasure lies just where it might possibly be, in the oddest of places…

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an image of imagination for the challis of the covininent…

First up, we need to go and find a long lost river ? then go looking for the lost gold of the Third Reich, in the most scared of places where millions died … on a lighter note is hunting aliens classed as a treasure hunt, or were pirates really Aliens and buried in Essex ?

If your fed up of things that are good story’s and need to come back down to real life, go and have a good read from an Australian Group of detectorists “detecting down under” go the facebook page and click the link… read Treasure chat, an E. Magazine worthy of ink and paper…

Six skeletons are found on wreck of pirate ship which sank off Cape Cod in 1717 killing
who said that the biggest treasure, that a pirate could have was spice ?
Prince Harry is 'upset' after the Queen 'agrees he should be stripped of Royal patronages

Look at the left picture, old harrys grown an extra arm on his right hand side… is it something to treasure !

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