Gold and a Lost Kingdom, all for Love…

Well it sold for a whopping amount of money…

King Edward VIII | Edward VIII Abdication | DK Find Out

Edward VIII - Wikiwand
Exceptionally rare £5 gold coin made for Edward VIII's short-lived reign tipped to sell
All smiles, from the would be King, who threw away his right to serve as King for an American actress — mmm sounds familiar… Look into the wind Harry, the past is our history, and yours is full of no tomorrows…

At last i have seen one of these illusive coins, Edward is facing left instead of right, perhaps that was the sign of things to come… try and find one of these coins in a book, is like having a dentist over to check the teeth on my chickens… yet my nan always spoke kindly of the man, as i think a lot of people especially the women, admired him for his honesty over love, yet, there was always a small piece of betrayal, lurking in the background, not only by deserting his country in peacetime but on the outbreak of world war two, he deserted the Great British people, by staying in France, before moving to Spain as the Germans invaded, with strong rumours among the people of Great Briton that he was a Nazi sympathiser

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