Law-abiding metal detectorists often spot nighthawkers and their wares when they are put up for sale
Tom, Dick and Harry, all set for a night-time jolly, plundering the neighbours farm… Oh dear they mistook karats for carrots…

Night-time is the best time for burglars, as the faithful up holders of the law are either tucked up in bed or told not to do anything due to elf-n-safety; well boys this is starting to look like a new “soft touch” target for you at the police officers club, seemingly it is easy for you to wait, at a safe distance and hope you can get some evidence without having to think about it… or at the worst case scenario get someone else, who will have to tell you at police head quarters what you are looking for… just for the record, they have been banned from metal detecting on these sites ? why ? it is already illegal to detect on these Heritage Sites, so i am not sure why they got a ban from detecting them for, talk about the blind leading the blind…

Damage at Hadrian's Wall
Nefarious night time digs lead to holes being dug along Hadrian’s wall;

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