Well, what a wet week we had for our weekly post; so what has the past week given us for post number two, first your warm, take your body warmer off, your back gets cold, you put it back on, it rains;

“Great” when the rain came, i was on the other side of the field, and thinking where did that lot come from, it resembled someone throwing a bucket of water over me, no spots to warn you, just deluge, then the rain turned to a drizzle, bizarre weather; what did i find, no, Romans ,no medieval, nothing to resemble any age really just – well just 21st century losses really… I will take the pics later, but that was all im afraid…

Took the Eldorado out for a stroll this week… but it was not these below that i found…

Tony Abramson started collecting the coins aged four, in the 1950s, and managed to amass 1,200 coins including this Anglo-Saxon gold shilling which sold for £30,000

And what’s in the news this week, well it has to be this incredibly numismatic coin collection

The sale of the rest of the collection is due to take place in the autumn with auction house Spink & Son

Aldi’s from the time of the Egyptian / Roman period… who would have thought that… that was long before the Vikings were doing all sorts of despicable thing to the locals of Northumbria

Metal detectorist discovers £5,500 haul of Roman and Viking artefacts in field in Aldi bag

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