Litter Picking; part 2…

Following on from the last post of “Litter Picking -part 1″… I can not see any change in the next few years for this field, as most of this iron has been in the ground for over one hundred years, so there is fragments of iron all over the place, yet when we have cleaned an area of surface litter, below ground there is plenty more for us to either detect or pick up off the surface next year… Amongst the iron are what look to be parts of a bedstead, chain-link, part of an old sack barrow, and tons of indiscriminate bits of iron…

Green Waste, an iron jug handle, buttons and guncaps, oh and iron

Scrap Iron anyone, there is plenty to go around…

Most of the iron we picked up must have, had a purpose at one time, but like all iron, it is so rusted you can only “hazard a guess” at what it was or it’s purpose in life… So what else did we find over a three week period, harness buckles, small glove buckle,

just iron…

Freds End Note…

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