Litter Picking Dig-3

Looking out over the iron field

Well i thought this was the final chapter, in the litter picking saga, but i have recovered so many buttons, blank discs that were once coins, & other artefacts, as well as the obligitry iron, i thought that the photos would be better to show the amount of items found, even i had not realised the amount of non-ferrous items hidden, or simply masked by the amount of iron in the ground, so since i started litter picking the field, and not totally, ignoring the iron, which has allowed me to be digging in-between and around the remaining iron until next year, this has made the field produce an abundance of non-ferrous targets…

To begin with the artefacts i unfortunately don’t think the Oak Leaf badge is genuine, although it came up next to a WW11 airfield, whereas the pipe bowl and short stem, is in great condition and is from the early quarter of the 1800’s, with the horseshoes being in keeping with the age of the rest of the artefacts, what surprised me was a key-hole horse shoe popped up, they always tend to be late medieval… amongst the harness, bits and pieces was a nice shield harness-boss, but unfortunately this was blank, the T2 was performing well on the day this Iron sole plate was found, as the T2 kept telling me that although there was a non-ferrous signal, somewhere down, there, was also a non-ferrous signal, which turned out to be just underneath the sole plate, as non-ferrous finds go it was not exciting, as it turned out to be a gun-cap, which is not a great find, but it’s position under the iron, made me believe the T2 was doing it’s job, as it would not let a fair old chunk of iron get all of the glory… Amongst the bullet casings that were found, several pistol bullets turned up, some not even fired… A totally destroyed crotel bell popped up, as did the wicket keeper, now the cricketer is a bit of an anomaly as it is plastic and dates from the 1960’s or 70’s… Whereas a complete piece of harness in the shape of a bridal bit turned up, right near the pond, in quite a sheltered area, look at the leather, it is in remarkable condition, not to sure why this harness bit is like it is, it looks a bit evil, apart from the leather it appears to be formed from substantial wire with a brass ring holding it all together, with this a large amount of whole or broken harness buckles and their frames also emerged… An eyes only find was a glass bottle stopper… With a late 1800’s commemorative medal for Australia, when Oz was part of the Empire turning up on the last hurrah of the day…

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    1. thank you… everything i find, i believe has a story to tell, especially the coins, how much hardship it might have caused, as to the relevant value of the time, and its spending power…

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