Why does nothing happen, after the papers sensationally state another spate of Fly Tipping, well, that’s just it, nothing happens, both the papers and the people who fly tip are old news, just column fillers for the newspaper, and pocket fillers for the fly tippers…

This age old problem seems to never to go away, there are free waste removal sites run by the local council for the public, whilst even the industrial cowboys have an avenue, to be able to get rid of their waste for a nominal fee, with a small initial cost, which then is divided up by the customers, most of this rural crime is perpetrated by the travailing community, namely the Irish, i have witnessed first hand their tactics, first they bully and intimidate the customer, then the waste is dumped on roads, verges gateways, etc-etc…

The mentality of these people seem to make them think they are above the law, yet no one seems to be able, or more to the point, wants to prevent this from happening, it seems the powers to be and the people dumping waste are hell bent on destroying other peoples livelihoods, property and making the public, it affects, clear up behind them…

I think this is where the detecting community as a collective should keep an eye out for the perpetrators, or the mess they leave behind, me, personally, i actually pick it up and dispose of it at my cost, now i am not that much of a “goodie-two-shoes” as it would be a full time job, but i do collect any fly tipping i see on my permissions, and most of the time the farmer or the landowner are totally unaware that i do it, it is my way of saying thank you, and putting a little bit back for allowing me freedom to roam quite freely & do as i please on their property…

To be able to do this [- pick up other peoples rubbish-] i have to hold an Environment Agency, Waste Licence, which i am pleased to say i do hold such a document, i am classed as, an, “upper tier waste licence holder” issued by the environmental agency, this licence allows me, not only to produce waste, but, and the all important bit, is to manage waste, which is ideal for this sort of nuisance, i have caught several fly tippers in the act, most of them stop along a country lane undo their tailgate, and drive away, they then wait for a clear spot with no houses, cars or people further along the road and tip up the waste as they drive along, further down the road, & when it is safe to do so, the vehicle will stop, someone jumps out and close the tailgate, then there is the other culprit, the householder, he thinks it is ok to fly tip, he stops, quickly jumps out, opens the door or boot and chuck it into the hedgerow or gateway, as quick as possible, then being scared he drives away, very fast.. i think anyone caught should spend one year doing community service, on one day every week litter picking…

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