how did that happen, amongst others ?

just a random conversation…

there are some strange things that happen in this world, but read this and find the explanation of how a coin from the 15th century ended up in Canada, and how it was possible ?

but then Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, until this happens, then you better prepare to dig deep for this one

Now i am not complaining by mentioning this, as life changes & so does your body as you get older, but i’ve been diagnosed with a life-changing illness, so i have to change some of the things i love, again, prior to this latest news, I enjoyed a smoke which i had to change & give up, all-be-it many years ago, the second to last thing on the list is food, now i am a meat and veg man, an English man who loves his traditional English food, and cups of Rosie-Lee [- Tea -] but, now that’s been taken away, I’ve been reduced to eating all sorts of beans and rice, chicken and foreign food with little or no taste… As for a drink, it is now water [- with no cordial -] herbal tea [- that’s grim -] i do like fresh coffee, but without sugar that’s yuck, my daughter bought me, sweeteners, if you have never tried them, don’t, they are disgusting, so far through perseverance & experimenting i have now discovered that half milk & half water or all milk coffee without sugar is passable, in small doses… So my traditional sandwiches & a flask of hot tea, when out in the fields are no longer allowed, instead, the flask is filled with hot milky coffee, and God only knows what my food is going to consist of, as bread is out, so no sandwiches [- there is only so many salads i can eat without looking like a rabbit -] so far I’m out with the water bottle, no flask, or food, I’m now looking around for inspiration & ideas, without too much luck, still, i might sneak cup-a-soups in the flask sometimes if i don’t get caught, by the covern…so why am i mentioning this, i have no idea, i have nearly deleted this twice, its been saved as a draft… i suppose I’m waiting for them to take away metal detecting…

milky coffee, my new friend…
Livery Button; i have not found who the Family Crest belongs to yet, I’m still working on that bit…
Queen Victories commemorative medal, celebrating her achievements…the medallion is blank on the obverse…
The obverse of a half groat (- 2pence -) of the English Civil War, this commonwealth coin denotes its amount by the addition of two 11’s preceded by a full stop, above the shields, which are showing the harp of Ireland and the cross of England…
the reverse shows the single shield with the Cross of Saint Geroge, cupped in a pair of branches, believed to be from an oak tree… this coin was found in a field called the commonwealth field of a road called soldier lane.
A Negro’s head clay pipe was found a few years ago and still smokes amazingly well… found whilst dump digging in Maldon…

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  1. Try carrying some roll-ups when you’re out and about. Some thin sliced chicken / turkey (we call them cold cuts here in the U.S.) and rolled up with lettuce or other veggies and sprinkled with some type of seasoning isn’t quite so bad. Artificial sweeteners – worse than nothing. If you can tolerate grains, there is a grain beverage made in Germany called Pero. Tastes somewhat like coffee (meaning not terrible) and has no caffeine.


    1. thank you, i will try that, I need to adjust to everything… and that is something i will try… definitely… I’ve got to be a little careful with grains as i also have Celiac disease, which triggered this whole investigation thing about three years ago, during a routine health check, it has all come to a head after being misdiagnosed for years… but hey ho, life goes on, i hope you’re in good health… and tomorrow i will start trying them as toay i will get the ingrediants and a little snack box, thank you again that was thoughtfull of you…


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