Taken in January 2016, Toby looking at my newest & best-est friend i received, for another milestone birthday…

I have been asked numerous times over the last couple of years where did my Favicon come from (- favorite icon -)

So what is a Favicon, well it’s a chosen photo, artwork, logo, or anything that describes you, and best of all, it follows you everywhere you go on the internet… cool huh… i started to use them in 2015, a bit of a late starter, but hey I’m not perfect… This Favicon started, when my coven went to a flower show a couple-three years ago, they spotted a company making wall signs, when they asked the question if, could a custom one be made, the answer came back as “yes” they sat down there and then, designed it, came home emailed the photos of me & Toby, Metal Detecting near an ancient well; With the photo being represented perfectly, with the ducks, dragonfly, the trees and the tractor ploughing in the background…

Five weeks later & laser cut from a disused “wood saw blade” it arrived, in plenty of time for my father’s day gift, got a nice weight to it but not that heavy & “hey” look at me now, immortalised in a piece of artwork, & as this was a father’s day gift, it was a fantastic & most unusual gift of me out in a field with my detecting partner Toby, ( well it could have been anyone really, as i really don’t dress like that, much… -) so as they say, the rest is history… Find the Favicon, and you will know what i am up to or doing, i can run, but i cannot hide…

It represents Toby well as he was a barrel-chested Cocker Spaniel – me though -mmmm…

Freds EndNote

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