Moving Forward…

A little bit of background history for your consumption…

We first set up shop in 2001, with a well-known web hosting company, with our small shop going under the Muddy Heritage brand, with UK & worldwide sales, but by late 2018 we were forced to realise we had outgrown our website shop, with no prospect of enlarging our range of goods or service with our particular web provider, due to their policy change and selling out to a large “yellow” corporate, with our renewal fees due late in 2019 & the cost more than trebling, with not a lot more on the table to entice us to stay, we then started looking around in early 2019, later that year we had removed our branding and shop, without realising what we were going to do next…

The second crotal bell, of the dig

Then during the pandemic, after a lot of discussions, & persuasion i decided to rebrand and open a larger shop, the coven reckoned i still had a lot to offer, so i changed tact & open a shop within a shop, under the umbrella of, which will include our self-published books alongside the regular ID books, second-hand detectors & accessories, with our daily detecting, walks being taken care of on our blog Metal Detecting in Essex (- more on that later… -)

We had cut back a lot on taking people out especially beginners due to covid, so that gave me a break allowing me to concentrate on this new project, & sadly i have decided we will not be advertising group outings, field walks, or detecting walks anymore, as much as i enjoyed it, the public liability lapsed during covid, and the big thing is, we are moving & i have or will not have the contacts within the farming community that i have here, situated in North Essex, there is fields, fields and more fields, even during the summer months we always had permissions to go on with people, but maybe in the future, if we get asked, then i will take people out, but for the foreseeable future that will not be happening…

Roman Denarius of Trajan…

“” was born out of frustration, mainly of trying to find & use a marketplace or an auction site, with a couple of classified sites thrown in along the way… Whilst on these sites certain dedicated pages contain branded detectors for sale, none of these pages have driven sales, only those within the hobby cherry-pick the ads, leaving everyone else to buy inferior goods, whereas we are working to get this site noticed & generally more open to the general public to find, and this is where we will be aiming our sales drive at, if they can find us, then they can find everyone’s advert…

 i am running the site as “We are metal detectorists, this site is owned and run by metal detectorists, who are actively pursuing our hobby, and know one end of the detector to another, we run a blog at  UK which we have been doing since 2001″

One of the other things i do not believe in is the extortionate rates people get charged to list their old detectors, on certain sites, especially when you consider some are more expensive than a car, so here the most for a one-off advert whether it is a classified ad or you have sent it to auction, we only take a nominal fee… 

The reason we are not generous, & offer this for free is that we have huge overheads to pay, as we have to keep your data safe and secure, whilst maintaining your privacy, all of this costs money, hence why we do charge you, to have the pleasurable use of our site… How much, in real terms, not that much, as everyone pays a little… does 2% sound fair ?

So our new website for Treasure Hunters everywhere is up and running, so whatever you perceive your Treasure to be, if only just once, stick your head around the corner, i would like to know the feedback and any improvements that could be made, if i have overlooked a subject, or you have a suggestion that we can meld in please let me know… – A website for Treasure Hunters whatever you perceive your Treasure to be…

Freds EndNote;

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