Dirty Boots & Muddy Hands…

At the moment, as with the last few months, I have been camping without a tent, i am staying in a cottage, which is like camping, but with some home comforts, and one of them is a log burner, or as we knew them from growing up, a potbelly stove, toast, is the best & so is dry boots…

Nice Roaring Fire, which means my Muddy Boots get dried for tomorrow’s outing,,,
ive lightened the photo to show where the boots live, by putting the cardboard underneath it stops the boot soles from melting, and no it is not normally that messy on the hearth, i just emptied the ash pan, and took the photos without thinking, it was cleaned up…

2 thoughts on “Dirty Boots & Muddy Hands…

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  1. that made me laugh because it’s so true, not only us and them but them and us… things both sides do to keep the equilibrium… still it makes the world go round…


  2. I’m jealous! I know full well the joy and comfort of of a wood burning stove. For years I had one in each of my former homes in Connecticut. Now that we are living in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, surrounded by woods and forests (and thus free fuel), my wife insisted on the convenience of a gas fireplace. What we don’t do for love!


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