Brave New World…

Well, what can i say, it’s already the end of January and i have done no detecting this year, but I have been studying my new environment, and playing catchup on some great books, as i have now moved away from my old haunts, fields, and general life, i have now got myself settled into a new everything, and I am now eyeing up the possibilities of new farms, land etc… tough times ahead people, very tough, new permissions in an already overcrowded market is going to be extremely hard, especially as my voice is an obvious give away that this is not my home town, but i am a “stranger from the outside” – “ohhhhhhhhhh” anyway never mind toy story, read Fred’s Endnote, for some gold envy…

I will now for the umpteenth time try and keep this going for a while, with some hopefully good news on the permission front…

Whilst here let me introduce the top re-branding, let’s see who spots it first…

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