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Welcome to the Future of Recording your Finds…

As a hobby, metal detecting along with other forms of treasure hunting is a pleasurable pastime, all-be-it very addictive, & not many people who are reading this have coincided themselves an author, & even fewer people would have taken up metal detecting if there was paperwork involved, but the difference between a successful author and a successful metal detectorist is a very thin line, both use research as an essential tool with time spent looking over old maps, maybe a visit to the town library, or delving into local archives…

For the metal detectorists, this helps to increase the likelihood of finding an area worth searching, even if your main hunting area relies on other people providing you with the ground to search, either at club digs or rallies, & by looking at the area the minute the information becomes available, might just give you an edge on the day of the hunt, this vital key to success is now committed to memory, but what happens at the end of the dig ?

Was it a successful hunt, mediocre or a failure?

The Artefact Journal & Field Diary puts you into the position of becoming an author, with a minimal amount of paperwork, by keeping notes, records of finds, weather, location etc. providing you with an archive that even a few months down the road, creates an amazing insight into where you have been, the Artefact Journal & Field Diary has all of the appropriate information stored within these pages, with prompts for you to fill in or leave ( as some will not be relevant to you )

This A4 size Wir-O-Bound book folds out flat, for ease of use, with 200 internal pages, consisting of black & white main pages, where you can record your recovered artefacts, with an easy-to-use and create Ref.-No. and a C.T.C.-No.  with other simple entries like which metal detector you were using, coil, battery life, location, weather, programs and settings etc-etc, this book enables you to keep track of the items from the field to the storage area, and back again, this is backed up with other different coloured pages throughout for various other different tasks…

Out of the 200 internal pages in the Artefact Journal & Field Diary, the book has eighty-four “double-dig pages” with ten pages of “single dig pages”& a further six pages where another 180 Artefact Listings can be entered with location and site specifics, or even linked to any one of the dedicated dig pages…By combining the digs, it is possible to enter well over two hundred different digs, artefacts & diary entries, without losing track of any hunt, by simply doubling up on the hunt pages… 

Life is a journey with a story to be told;

Let your story begin, with the Artefact Journal & Field Diary as it is your workbook, & has been created by breaking most publishing guidelines, every piece of space has been utilized, with minimal fuss for you to write your story down, it is your space & your book printed on quality paper,  the front & rear covers are protected with clear acetate, whilst inside we provide you with a section for your personal entry, those important pages for locations, contact, equipment, updates, PAS, notes, single artefact journal page, & the all-important dig pages, with ample room for writing down the sights & sounds of the day, now it’s up to you to create the first part of your story with the Artefact Journal & Field Diary…

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