A Plastic & Paper Note Hoard-?

Muddy Hands i was on a renowned Facebook site, that had a slight rumpus & had decided to ban a certain “ohhh look what i found brigade, posting on the page;” not a problem normally, we all like to brag occasionally, but when most of us find scrap, and they come out with the proverbial treasure chest, “you know, the kind that’s one notch down from the holy grail” so i wrote my antidote, of a find, found a few years back, which i found amusing at the time, and still conjures up the images of happy children and a petulant child all rolled in one… anyway my story, which went along the lines of…

Phew… i escaped a ban then, maybe thirty years ago, i found a jam-jar full of coins, & notes, shame there was no video of it really, mind you it would have looked like a setup…

oh the coins and notes, they came from a robbery at the local farm i was searching, from about three years prior… apparently, it happened early one morning, one of the children noticed it first before the mother got involved, then the vicar and the local bobby due to their respected daughters having a sleepover, the children had been playing in a summerhouse in the garden, one of the children had set up a shop and became a shop keeper and then the monopoly board was got out, all of this before going to bed, and leaving the board and earnings from the days shop out in the summerhouse… to cut a long story short, the brother who felt left out due to the girls having all the fun, snuck downstairs, took all of the shop money and monopoly money put them in a jamjar and buried it, in the ensuing mayhem, it was forgotten about until i found the jar, yes… it was plastic money and monopoly notes… 😁 case solved…

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