More finds from the concrete floor with the T2…

Well everyone knows it is hard digging out there, so I’m not going to talk about that, except my meagre offerings, which had a little bit of saving grace, in the shape of a 1921 silver sixpence… how lucky am i, it could have been different as in the same year they brought out a 50% copper -50 silver sixpence, it came out of the ground as you see it here, no rubbing, cleaning or anything… all of the finds was nothing special, but i did find one coin every time i went out, mostly pre-decimal, but its a coin… as buttons go, we find hundreds over the course of a year, with little or no thought given to them, but occasionally i find an intriguing one or like this little beauty from the art nouveau period [ 1890-1910 ] it is delicate, but has survived quite well…

Credit-Card Size, “Photo-Scale Card
I’ve decided to keep these double rings, as they are strong, what for-? – i have no idea as yet…

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