more from the concrete floor…

Well everyone knows it is hard digging out there, so I’m not going to talk about that, except my meagre offerings, which had a little bit of saving grace, in the shape of a 1921 silver sixpence… how lucky am i, one more year and it would have been a cupro-nickel-silver sixpence, it came out of the ground as you see it here, no rubbing, cleaning or anything… all of the finds was nothing special, but i did find one coin every time i went out, mostly pre-decimal, but its a coin… as buttons go, we find hundreds over the course of a year, with little or no thought given to them, but occasionally i find an intriguing one or like this little beauty from the art nouveau period [ 1890-1910 ] it is delicate, but has survived quite well…

Credit-Card Size, “Photo-Scale Card
I’ve decided to keep these double rings, as they are strong, what for-? – i have no idea as yet…

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