Artefact Journal & Field Diary-New Price…

We have brought the price of the book down, not only due to the quantity that we have ordered, but after talking to the publishers, & without compromising the original idea and quality, we have reached an agreement whereas the new books can be retailed for £ 14.99p

As stated to those who have purchased the books at the original price, this was an ongoing conversation with the publishers & you should have received your discount voucher by now, and it is open-ended, with no time limit on the redemption, all you need is your unique code, so either staple the letter onto the “purple” purchase page, with the code showing or write it into your existing journal on your notes page, so if you lose or mislay the letter with the code or cannot find the email you will always have the code & it can be matched at our end…

As stated, the new cost of the book is £ 14.95p, this is our optimum price which we have been trying to achieve for four years, with the cost of PP still at £ 5.00p…

Nothing has changed just the price.

Quote Fred, if you require a credit card size coin / artefact photo scale, to be sent with your new book, we have a few left, and won’t be getting any more, these fit nicely into your field wallet because of their size of a credit card, or to purchase separately the cost with postage is £2.50p…

Fred’s End Note…

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