Anglo Saxon-Early Medieval

This is such a vast subject, that there will be highlighted links posted throughout to take you to experts & sites that are dedicated to one particular coin or a serious of coins, offering a much easier solution to the problem of identification

To start with, the everyday run of the mill coins we find as metal detectorist are to far gone for us to identify, let alone be able to have a positive ID, but when we find a coin that has something left, we all should try to find an ID… most people, instead of trying themselves to find the age of a coin will turn to the social media sites, i think personally this is sad, as they are missing out on a large part of metal detecting…

I personally do not have a lot of coins from this era, and as such have very little experience of the coins but when i found this Saxon of Aetheralred 11  i knew that it was a Saxon & was able to get a positive id from the spinks book…


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