What do we know…

United Kingdom... They say with such shock and convictions that they are right, metal detectorists find treasure ? really ... America... Whilst over the pond, they say pirate treasure could have been found in an orchard... i do hope so, who doesn't love a pirates treasure story... i just hope its not some buried treasure... Continue Reading →

All that Glints

Well what can one say, two metal detectorists in their 60s have been charged with theft of nearly 1,000 Iron Age gold coins that could be worth more than £1million in Essex, this comes from the same field as the early find last year at Little Baddow in Essex... the metal detecting pair were arrested... Continue Reading →


I purchased a metal detector which was not that old, but it had meet its demise, due to the storage of the battery's, and the leakage had trickled onto the circuit board, causing irreparable damage, so this is a little "timely" reminder of  being aware of your best friends life source... I have found out... Continue Reading →

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