Litter Picking; part 2…

Following on from the last post of "Litter Picking -part 1"... I can not see any change in the next few years for this field, as most of this iron has been in the ground for over one hundred years, so there is fragments of iron all over the place, yet when we have cleaned... Continue Reading →

Litter Picking… Part 1;

As metal detecting sites go, this is one site that benefits from clearing the surface of iron visually before you start, because if you don't litter pick it will slow you down, and you will never get beyond the frustration of the iron... Mind you, it's not that i have found much, whilst detecting this... Continue Reading →

Tom, Dick and Harry, all set for a night-time jolly, plundering the neighbours farm... Oh dear they mistook carrots for karats... Night-time is the best time for burglars, as the faithful up holders of the law are either tucked up in bed or told not to do anything due to elf-n-safety; well boys this is... Continue Reading →

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