Why does nothing happen, after the papers sensationally state another spate of Fly Tipping, well, that's just it, nothing happens, both the papers and the people who fly tip are old news, just column fillers for the newspaper, and pocket fillers for the fly tippers... This age old problem seems to never to go away,... Continue Reading →


Or should that read "impressed much" Mark from "Metal Detecting Lincolnshire" has produced some fine lead items from the scrap lead he finds, pictured below are some pictures of the reclaimed lead items... including the Starwars Millennium Falcon, which i know he is really chuffed with...Also there is some videos of Mark making cannons and... Continue Reading →

Litter Picking Dig-3

Looking out over the iron field Well i thought this was the final chapter, in the litter picking saga, but i have recovered so many buttons, blank discs that were once coins, & other artefacts, as well as the obligitry iron, i thought that the photos would be better to show the amount of items... Continue Reading →

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