The Naked Truth…

Trying to sort out the naked truth from the spoken or written word is so difficult, as it is closely related to each other, that it mires into one a lot of the time, with the world of advertising being full of half-truths & bending of the remaining truth, to their end gain, with elaborate... Continue Reading →

A Plastic & Paper Note Hoard-?

Muddy Hands i was on a renowned Facebook site, that had a slight rumpus & had decided to ban a certain "ohhh look what i found brigade, posting on the page;" not a problem normally, we all like to brag occasionally, but when most of us find scrap, and they come out with the proverbial... Continue Reading →

Dirty Boots & Muddy Hands…

At the moment, as with the last few months, I have been camping without a tent, i am staying in a cottage, which is like camping, but with some home comforts, and one of them is a log burner, or as we knew them from growing up, a potbelly stove, toast, is the best &... Continue Reading →

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