From Poo-Land which made someone Egg-static, to a nest egg in Poland, whilst we send them home, all be it a 1000 years later...

Litter Picking; part 2…

Following on from the last post of "Litter Picking -part 1"... I can not see any change in the next few years for this field, as most of this iron has been in the ground for over one hundred years, so there is fragments of iron all over the place, yet when we have cleaned... Continue Reading →


I blame the education system of today, why? ok i going to ask you to read these examples, shown below, now i am not that intelligent, or claim to be an excellent reader or someone who can read clearly "BUT" C.Scope-CS2M i am advertising a C.Scope-CS2M, for sale, 2 people have now asked what model... Continue Reading →

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