Pennys from Heaven…

Æthelred II of Wessex... The everyday run-of-the-mill coins we find as metal detectorists are too far gone for us to identify, let alone be able to have any form of a positive ID, but when we find a coin that has something left, i think we all should try to find an ID... Most people,... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward…

A little bit of background history for your consumption... We first set up shop in 2001, with a well-known web hosting company, with our small shop going under the Muddy Heritage brand, with UK & worldwide sales, but by late 2018 we were forced to realise we had outgrown our website shop, with no prospect... Continue Reading →


Taken in January 2016, Toby looking at my newest & best-est friend i received, for another milestone birthday... I have been asked numerous times over the last couple of years where did my Favicon come from (- favorite icon -) So what is a Favicon, well it's a chosen photo, artwork, logo, or anything that... Continue Reading →

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