Treat yourself to a conversation piece, on the coffee table, these are excellent books for identification and just to look at... i love books, and it's nearly Christmas... Greenlight Publishing, Unit E5 East Gores FarmEast Gores RoadCoggeshall CO6 1FWPhone: 01376 521900


Or should that read "impressed much" Mark from "Metal Detecting Lincolnshire" has produced some fine lead items from the scrap lead he finds, pictured below are some pictures of the reclaimed lead items... including the Starwars Millennium Falcon, which i know he is really chuffed with...Also there is some videos of Mark making cannons and... Continue Reading →

From Poo-Land which made someone Egg-static, to a nest egg in Poland, whilst we send them home, all be it a 1000 years later...

Litter Picking… Part 1;

As metal detecting sites go, this is one site that benefits from clearing the surface of iron visually before you start, because if you don't litter pick it will slow you down, and you will never get beyond the frustration of the iron... Mind you, it's not that i have found much, whilst detecting this... Continue Reading →

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