yes its back…

So we got up to the place where Huge-lard Packard, could not organise their website to try and help with a years warranty, with an online support site that was nothing short of a shambles, within the first six months my frayed patience was being tested even further, when it "the laptop" decided that if... Continue Reading →

So we are Back…

Hewlard Packard, im not fussed if the spellings wrong, anyway i think i got up to where the mouse was frozen on the screen with the mouse pad defunct, and the only thing to move it was a physical mouse, being quite peed off by this time, as i could not get onto their online... Continue Reading →


the above website reports on the old and new sightings, & might be very interesting to those that wants to read further, about our visitors from a galaxy far far away... have a look at this blog Daily mail are at it again, with more evidence... Updated12-02-2021--- More evidence that we are not alone !... Continue Reading →

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