Taken in January 2016, Toby looking at my newest & best-est friend i received, for another milestone birthday... I have been asked numerous times over the last couple of years where did my Favicon come from (- favorite icon -) So what is a Favicon, well it's a chosen photo, artwork, logo, or anything that... Continue Reading →

Golden Girl…

when a golden child is born i dare say this stupid block system won't let you click on the link, so pop over and have a look at why this girl has earned that name... Freds End Note...


Treat yourself to a conversation piece, on the coffee table, these are excellent books for identification and just to look at... i love books, and it's nearly Christmas... Greenlight Publishing, Unit E5 East Gores FarmEast Gores RoadCoggeshall CO6 1FWPhone: 01376 521900


Why does nothing happen, after the papers sensationally state another spate of Fly Tipping, well, that's just it, nothing happens, both the papers and the people who fly tip are old news, just column fillers for the newspaper, and pocket fillers for the fly tippers... This age old problem seems to never to go away,... Continue Reading →

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