Tom, Dick and Harry, all set for a night-time jolly, plundering the neighbours farm... Oh dear they mistook karats for carrots... Night-time is the best time for burglars, as the faithful up holders of the law are either tucked up in bed or told not to do anything due to elf-n-safety; well boys this is... Continue Reading →

Good Evening

Well if you consider finding nothing, a good evening, i mean we found nothing at all; it all started after a phone call from a contractor, who had our phone number passed to him from a farmer i knew, Bob the farmer knows i am not one to miss an opportunity, and me being me,... Continue Reading →

C.Scope EVO 6000…

C.Scope has sent out this letter, to all "C.Scope EVO6000" owners, unfortunately C.Scope has problems with getting the electronics right on their latest Metal Detector, this is the same sort of problems they had with the R1 in the late Ninety's, unfortunately, the R1was short lived & never took off, i do hope they sort... Continue Reading →

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