A look at from Various Collectors and Master Sellers

clactonCLACClacton Original. Sills British G1, class 2a, Clacton Curved Exergue, dies1/3. c.60-55 BC. Gold stater. 17-19mm. 6.21g. Wreath motif with upward-facing leaves./ Disjointed horse galloping right, pellets above, ‘coffee-bean’ and S-shape behind, large pellet below. ABC−, VA−, BMC 149-172, 174-176, DK 405, S−. CCI 15.0013 (this coin). Good VF, pale yellow gold, bold horse. Ex John Follows collection. EXCESSIVELY RARE die pair, only five others recorded, including three in the British Museum, all ex Sir John Evans, all ex Clacton hoard, Essex, 1898.           

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BILBillericay Cogwheel. Sills British Ld2, class 1, dies 2/2 c.50-30 BC. Gold quarter stater. 10-13mm. 1.11g. Wreath band with inverted leaves and two solid opposed crescents, three outline crescents forming smiling face below./ Horse galloping right, beaded mane, pellets and ringed-pellet above, pellet-boss below, ‘cogwheel’ before. ABC 2371, VA−, BMC−, DK 438, S−. CCI 13.0514 (this coin). EF, rose gold, sharp strike, great grinning face, fabulous horse. Ex John Follows collection. Found Little Easton, near Great Dunmow, Essex, November 2012. EXCESSIVELY RARE only three others recorded.