Lindner Coin Trays.

Apart from the lighthouse series of coin collection trays, i think Lindner interlocking trays are the most popular, they are with me, they are designed to take any size of coins, allowing your collection to expand, as you find or purchase the coins, the quality of these trays are typical of the old adage of “you get what you pay for” they just happen to be the most expensive of the plastic trays which are covered in red velour and slide out from a rigid transparent case, a clever design that is mimicked by other cheaper producers, who come know where “near” the rigidity, transparency and the feel of quality that these established German products ooze, like their competitors these trays are available in a variety of different sized inserts to cover all needs.

Although they can be purchased separately and are a complete item on their own, they have been designed to interlock into a complete coin cabinet of as many sections as you require. They are free of chlorine and acids and do not contain any sulphur compounds to discolour the coins, which some wooden cabinets produce leaving the silver coins tarnished with a grey / blackish colour called “Horn Silver”.

Don’t forget they also offer the square hole coin trays which do not take encapsulated coins, these are the ones i prefer, no other reason than i like to feel the coins, touch is so important on a coin which has not been handled for hundred’s of years, you just have to imagine the over whelming loss some one on a low income had, when any coin dropped and not recovered must or could have caused.

Below is the sizes Lindner offer, and what you can expect to fit into each trays compartment…

19mm – New 5 pence, Sixpence, Silver Threepence – and has a total of 99 spaces
24mm – £1 Pound, 20 pence, old decimal 5 penny, Pre decimal Shilling, Farthing, Sovereign – with a total of 80 spaces
28mm – £ 2 coin, New Decimal 50p, Pre Decimal Florin, & Halfpenny, hammered penny, with a total of 48 spaces  
30mm – Decimal 50 Pence, & Pre Decimal Penny with a total of 48  spaces
36mm – Pre decimal Halfcrown – with a total of 35 spaces
38mm – £5 Pound, Crown, Britannia, Silver Krugerrand, Royal Mint Zodiac Coins – with a total of 30 spaces
42mm – This size tray is good the Australian coin collectors out there, Silver Dollar, Silver Eagle, Silver Kangaroo, Silver Koala, Silver Kookaburra, Perth Mint Zodiac coins – with a total of 24 spaces
Mixed Sizes of coins with 45 spaces

This next set of Collection boxes, to be fair is just one size, with compartments created by slide in “inserts” so you can have them as big or small as you like, i love these, they can hold fossils, metal detecting artefacts, medals, bric-a-brac, etc… the list is endless, every time my money frees up, or for birthdays, Christmases etc i hint that these are the go too last ditch item; Again made by Lindner, it is their collection box, with a depth of 40mm, by 236mm wide and a length of 295mm, when i photograph mine you can see how handy they are, and if you wish they could be used for display purpose…

As you can see in the photo above the Fifty Pence coin sits comfortable in the 28mm square section tray…