The first of the 84 double dig pages…

On the left page, is the Artefact Journal, whilst on the right page is the Field Diary…

There are eighty-four double dig pages, with enough room for maybe ten to fifteen digs, if all you find is scrap or just one item, i do strongly suggest that every dig, no matter how short or irrelevant the finds are, is entered, by doing this it paints the bigger picture, but previous users have only used the book for good digs, where finds or a certain artefact has been found, the choice is yours…

Listed below are the links to various pages, these pages contain explanations of the role of every box, on the Artefact Journal page, and the Field Diary page, although most are self-explanatory, we have still been asked to include each one…

Artefact Journal


Site Reference




Dig No.

Field Diary

Day & Date

Time Out

Time on Site

Camera/Video Ref. No;

Location Index; AJFD-Ref. No;

Location / Map Reference / L.I.


Time off Site;

Time Home;

Metal Detector;



Metal Detector Battery Hours;

Pinpointer Battery Hours;

New Battery;

Metal Detector / Coil / Headphones / Pinpointer Charged;

Metal Detector Settings;

Ground Condition;

Field Numbers;

Dig No.