Internet Resource Page, OK this is strictly not a book but a series of Internet Links… So let’s start looking at the Internet as one giant book…  

The following is just going to be that, as many Internet Links as i have found from single pages to websites, on this page you will find everything i have used as a resource to ID my finds, although this idea is in an experimental stage as yet, i think the way forward will be to colour code the links, so if you need coins, then the coin links will be Dark Green, so skip all other colours, and head straight to the Dark Green links, until you find the one that relates to your inquiry…

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Colour Coding…

Coins = Dark Green — 

Crotal bells = Dark Azure —

Fossils = Orange  

Brooches = Navy Blue

Thimbles  =  Lime

Buckles = Burnt Orange

Bottles = Red

Livery Buttons = Very Dark Grey

Railway Buttons = Grey

Internet Links

Recording measurements and parts of a button

Buckles 1250 – 1800  –  Short Cross Coins…  –  Crotel Bells –   Roman Brooches –  Thimbles  –  Various Coins  – Bottle ID  –  Roman Coins  –  Reproduction Buckle Catalogue, with clear dates for Identification  – 50p Illustrations  –  Late Saxon Buckles Coin ID & Values 1801-1967Daacs- Buckle Profiling  Wildwinds / Roman-Coins Colchester Thimbles Livery Buttons Livery ButtonsCoin TicketsLivery Buttons Livery Buttons –  Railway ButtonsRoman Coins

iron age buttons.

800 BC –  43 AD

  Roman button2  Roman button1