More than just Bangers…

Lincolnshire has not only produced some fine sausages which are some of the best bangers to be produced in the UK, but it is also home to the famous Lincolnshire Imp, now this little fellow is surrounded in myth, and has been adopted by the City of Lincoln, where you will find him hidden in... Continue Reading →

July 4th

Just a short note to wish our kicking cousins, rednecks and fellow detectorists a Happy 4th of July... T2 Black in the middle of a hunt may you have a great day... and if your out hunting good luck...

Litter Picking Dig-3

Looking out over the iron field Well i thought this was the final chapter, in the litter picking saga, but i have recovered so many buttons, blank discs that were once coins, & other artefacts, as well as the obligitry iron, i thought that the photos would be better to show the amount of items... Continue Reading →

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