This photo of six coins was taken from the site PLOS ONE, under a common license... there are several links to the site below as well, very interesting reading, how they reached the decision, plus my own conclusion, this is sometimes why we need to either question the experts or accept their word-!... I first... Continue Reading →

8,000 Coins & counting

Scotland the brave, well the Scots. are getting in on the action now, with 8,000 odd coins found, which could result in the Edward silver coinage being a windfall for Scotland & the finders... What about the landscape though... Shown below and has nothing to do with the hoard but is interesting nonetheless by Carl... Continue Reading →

Pennys from Heaven…

Æthelred II of Wessex... The everyday run-of-the-mill coins we find as metal detectorists are too far gone for us to identify, let alone be able to have any form of a positive ID, but when we find a coin that has something left, i think we all should try to find an ID... Most people,... Continue Reading →

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