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The Cost of the Artefact Journal & Field Diary is £ 25.00p… Click the above to be taken to ukdetectingworld.com, and pay with PayPal, & free P-&-P Welcome to the Future of Recording your Finds… As a hobby, metal detecting along with other forms of treasure hunting is a pleasurable pastime, all-be-it very addictive, &... Continue Reading →

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more from the concrete floor…

Well everyone knows it is hard digging out there, so I'm not going to talk about that, except my meagre offerings, which had a little bit of saving grace, in the shape of a 1921 silver sixpence... how lucky am i, one more year and it would have been a cupro-nickel-silver sixpence, it came out... Continue Reading →

Photo Scale…

I bought a whole bunch of these, not quite knowing what to expect, i had a card one many years ago, but these are aluminium and would appear a lot more robust, as photo scales go, although it is still a thin sheet, which will fit unobtrusively in the "field wallet" i was a bit... Continue Reading →

A Plastic & Paper Note Hoard-?

Muddy Hands i was on a renowned Facebook site, that had a slight rumpus & had decided to ban a certain "ohhh look what i found brigade, posting on the page;" not a problem normally, we all like to brag occasionally, but when most of us find scrap, and they come out with the proverbial... Continue Reading →

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