Red Bus Cafe… in Essex

So what is the Red Bus Cafe in Essex... Follow this link it will take you to an old video on the tube from 2012, to see a clean cafe with good quality food, situated within an old red bus, between Halstead & Earls Colne in Essex, what you see is as it is today...... Continue Reading →

how did that happen, amongst others ?

just a random conversation... there are some strange things that happen in this world, but read this and find the explanation of how a coin from the 15th century ended up in Canada, and how it was possible ? but then Diamonds are a girl's best friend, until this happens, then you better prepare to... Continue Reading →

Don’t get caught Short…

No nothing quite like that, i am talking about battery loss out in the field... For whatever reason, i got caught with a totally flat set of batteries, never really happened before, but like a good boy scout i was prepared, i got a signal, and whilst digging it out the signal disappeared, it took... Continue Reading →

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