Cleaning your Equipment

How often do you clean your equipment…

IMG_7646So just how often do you clean your equipment & more importinly how, far be for me to tell you what to do, but, i have seen some detectors, that are caked in mud and goodness no what, so after many days out in the field, you really should at least attempt to clean your detectoring equipment, not only does it show you care but it also stops many issues happening before they even start…MUDDYHERITAGE31 (7)

MUDDYHERITAGE1 (12)shown here is just one of my spades after just six hours out in the field, with mud that would not shift, and the straw just clung to the spade head and shaft alike, which only took five minutes to clean once i got home, and it looked like new…

one of the most forgotten items are the headphones, and they always beifit from a good clean, especilly if you dont want mud in your ears…MUDDYHERITAGE50 (2)

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